Monday, March 21, 2016

Final Days of Trout in the Classroom

GREEN's 4th graders have enjoyed raising rainbow trout from egg to fingerling. This week Mr. Isaacs came and dissected a trout in order to give the students the opportunity to observe the scales, bones and tissue with microscopes.

On Saturday, students and their families enjoyed an afternoon at Table Rock State Park. The plan was to release the fingerlings into their natural habitat but unfortunately the trout did not survive the trip. Ranger Scott explored with the students the trout's natural habitat and was able to show the students some native fish  that share the same habitat.

4th graders will continue their trout exploration by researching trout species, learning songs, performing in a play and completing an art activity in order to present GREEN's 2nd Annual Trout Expo in May.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Is it a Mixture or a Solution?

Students in Ms. Carter's 2nd grade class performed an experiment in order to describe how a mixture can be separated. The students combined pepper and water and observed what was happening to the pepper. Did the pepper float, sink or dissolve?

Once the students identified that the pepper and water was a mixture they analyzed ways they could separate the two. Finally,  the students utilized filter paper in order to separate the pepper and water.

Monday, March 7, 2016

GREEN Charter's Chickens have the MUNG-chies! A Green Steps Project

6th grade students successfully grew Mung sprouts in a jar with no soil or natural light. They asked their first grade friends to help feed the sprouts to our chickens. Yummy!