Friday, November 20, 2015

6th Grade Engineering Meet & Greet

“It was awesome!”
“I want to be a structural engineer now!”
"First I was going to be a lawyer but now I am NOT!”

These were all comments from students after GREEN's 6th graders had the opportunity to spend some time with many different engineers. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoyed our Engineering chat! The engineers ranged from chemical to acoustic to mechanical to structural to automation. They shared their expertise, experiences and careers. A big thank you to all of our parents and friends that visited GREEN Charter!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Clemson's WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) visit GREEN's 4th-8th grade Girls

Clemson WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) visited GREEN and held seminars for girls in grades 4th-8th grades. The Clemson graduate and PHD students talked with the girls about different opportunities for girls in STEM fields and majors. The girls became bio-engineers and separated cells in order to extract DNA. The girls explored and discussed the challenges of  using animal parts to create tissues and organs for humans.

"Open Your Eyes and Be Resource-Wise"

The National Theater from Washington DC put on a production sponsored by Duke Energy for GREEN's elementary school students. The play was titled "Space Station Conservation" and it explained to our students the benefits of utilizing different energy sources. The actors taught the students a fun chant, "Open your Eyes and Be Resource-wise!" They also nominated students to be Energy Experts and called them Space Captains. It was an excellent production on Energy!