Wednesday, October 25, 2017

6th Graders are Culinary Engineers!

Mrs. Berg's 6th grade Culinary Engineers designed Solar Ovens in order to cook yummy S'mores with Solar radiation and convection! They enjoyed designing, creating and eating their S'mores!

6th grade science classes have been studying the Engineering Design Process and Heat Transfer. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

CSI: GREEN Charter

The 7th and 8th grade GREEN Charter students in PLTW's Medical Detectives observed, explored, and dissected a sheep's brain!

There are many similarities between the sheep brain and the human brain.  Being able to locate important structures in the sheep brain helps with the  understanding of how structures are related to each other in the human brain.  During the course of the dissection, the students identified different parts of the brain in order to better able to appreciate the development of the human brain.

Harvest Party!

GREEN Charter's garden club planted sweet potatoes last Spring and now they are ready to harvest! The GREEN Charter garden yielded over 100 sweet potatoes! A banner crop for this group of elementary gardeners!

GREEN Kindergartners are Crazy About Chicks!

GREEN Charter's Coop Captain, Mrs. Kilpatrick, has been busy with the kindergarten students and our new chicks!  The students are enjoying raising the chicks until they can be placed in our coop with our rabbit friends. They have been practicing writing and getting crafty with chicks!