Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hydropowered Cars? How about Solar?

4th Grade has been working hard to complete projects for our 2nd Annual Energy Expo! Many students have put together models to see hydropower and the Sun's energy in action. After a rainy weekend we finally had some sun and were able to test out our solar and water powered models outside. 

While putting together the models students got to experience the trials and excitements engineers face on a daily basis. Students received minimum help from adults while putting together their models and quickly learned the importance of patience and of following instructions. The engineering process can be a lengthy and stressful en devour. Though nothing could compare to the joy on the students' faces when they got to see all of their hard work had paid off. 

Not only did students get to practice their engineering skills, but also got an inside look of how gearboxes work to harness renewable energy. In putting the models together students got to see how energy flows through devices. Many students were able to determine that if their model was not functioning it could be as simple as a wire being loose. 

Now that the models are completed, students are excited to share their new knowledge with family members and peers at the Energy Expo. We hope to see you there! 

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